Tehseen Raza

Officer HR & Admin

Qualification: MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM)

Experience & Expertise:
With 7.5 years of extensive experience in HRM and administrative roles, Tehseen Raza brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to our team. Known for his strategic approach and exceptional management abilities, Tehseen excels in creating efficient, employee-focused work environments that drive organizational success.

Punhoon Mal

Accounts Officer

Qualification: MBA in Finance.

Experience & Expertise: With 6 years of hands-on experience in accounts, finance, and budgeting, Punhoon brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, adept at navigating complex financial landscapes with precision and insight.

Lubna Zartasha

Marketing Officer

Qualification: MBA in Marketing from FAST University of Sciences and Technology

Experience & Expertise: Lubna brings a wealth of experience and a diverse skill set to our team, with 3 years of professional experience in the industry. She has spent:

-1 year as a Marketing & Branding Officer
-2 years as an Administrative Assistant

Lubna’s background in marketing and administration equips her with a unique perspective and a versatile approach to her role as Marketing Officer. She is dedicated to driving our marketing initiatives forward with creativity and strategic insight.

Farhan Ali Memon

Academic Officer

Qualification: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BS-CS)

Experience & Expertise: With over 6 years of experience in Teaching, Management, Administrative, Examination, and Academics, Farhan brings a diverse range of expertise to his role as an Academic Officer. His multifaceted background equips him with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in overseeing various aspects of academic operations, ensuring the smooth functioning of educational processes and student success.

Muhammad Rizwan

Assistant Officer HR/Admin
Qualification: BBA -Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing .

Experience & Expertise: As an Assistant Officer in HR/Administration, Muhammad Rizwan brings valuable experience in managing administrative tasks and supporting HR functions with a focus on efficiency and professionalism. His expertise lies in streamlining processes, fostering employee engagement, and ensuring organizational compliance.

Aneela Akber

IR/QEC Officer

Qualification: MBA in Finance from Muhammad Ali Jinnah University.

Experience & Expertise: With a decade of experience in teaching and education, Aneela Akber has honed her skills in instructional delivery, curriculum development, and student engagement. As an IR/QEC Officer, she brings a comprehensive understanding of quality assurance and regulatory compliance to her role.

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